#255 on The Inc. 500 List for 2014

We are proud to announce that Inc. magazine ranked Solve Media #255 on this year’s Inc. 500 list. 2014 has been a year of exciting growth for us and we are honored to be recognized amongst the nation’s premier high growth companies.

Thank you to all of our team members, partners, investors and friends who helped us achieve this goal!

The 614 Group Report: Native Advertising Technology Vendors

Native advertising is a hot topic in marketing. In a survey conducted by The 614 Group and OneSpot, they discovered that 67% of marketers surveyed found native advertising “interesting and valuable” yet have issues with getting their messages out to the right customer.

In August of 2014, The 614 Group published a study of nine different native advertising technology vendors to help publishers understand the landscape and choose the right vendor for them. Please read below.

The 614 Group Study: Native Advertising Technology Vendors from Solve Media

Fraudulent Web Traffic Continues to Dominate Globally, Big Budget Advertisers Beginning To Demand Change

Global suspicious traffic remains major challenge despite media attention

New York City – June 19, 2014 – Today, Solve Media released the results of its Quarterly Bot Traffic Market Advisory. Since the release of the company’s first report in September 2012, the bot fraud issue has gained significant industry attention. Recent headlines from major publications including The Wall Street Journal, Adweek and The Guardian serve to raise awareness, but large-scale action against global suspicious traffic lags.

Solve Media’s Quarterly Bot Traffic Market Advisory for Q1 revealed that global suspicious web traffic remained at 54% for the second consecutive quarter. Global bot traffic reached 32%. Suspicious US web traffic continues to make up the majority of total traffic at 55%, down slightly from last quarter due to lower ad spend after the holiday surge.

Solve Media took an in-depth look at the automotive vertical during Q1 2014. This research uncovered that 36.1% of traffic on automotive-specific sites acted suspiciously, with 22.2% of traffic confirmed as bot. As multi-screen touch points become an integral part of the car buying process, automotive advertisers are moving more of their budgets to online and mobile channels. This shift creates significant demand for premium inventory, and has invited fraud. Large automotive advertisers with significant ad budgets must use their influence to demand accountability and the proactive mitigation of bot fraud. For both efficiency and ROI, automotive advertisers should seek out high-performance advertising solutions that reach validated human audiences.

Q1 Auto Bot Traffic

“The bot problem is not going to improve unless the companies with clout use it to demand an engaged human audience. Bigger budgets mean more power and influence, which puts automotive advertisers in the proverbial driver’s seat for demanding accountability in our industry,” said Ari Jacoby, CEO and Co-Founder, Solve Media. “If they refuse to settle for anything less than zero-waste ad spend investments, the industry will have no choice but to meet the demand. With the push for Secure Media from the biggest investors in digital advertising, providers on the sell-side must be prepared with effective solutions like performance-based media that guarantee cognition.”

Solve Media’s publisher platform includes thousands of automotive sites. It has reported on bot data for the past two years based on insights from the 10,000 publishers in its network across display, video and mobile.

About Solve Media
Solve Media was founded by veteran entrepreneurs and technologists focused on innovative Internet advertising, data and security solutions. The company’s proprietary online and mobile advertising platform, the TYPE-IN, was designed to create highly effective opportunities for brands to engage with real consumers. With this platform, Solve Media guarantees brand message delivery, brand lift and return on investment for advertisers. Additionally, the platform creates new revenue opportunities for publishers and saves time for consumers.

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