The 614 Group Report: Native Advertising Technology Vendors

Native advertising is a hot topic in marketing. In a survey conducted by The 614 Group and OneSpot, they discovered that 67% of marketers surveyed found native advertising “interesting and valuable” yet have issues with getting their messages out to the right customer.

In August of 2014, The 614 Group published a study of nine different native advertising technology vendors to help publishers understand the landscape and choose the right vendor for them. Please read below.

The 614 Group Study: Native Advertising Technology Vendors from Solve Media

Native Advertising is Much More Than a Buzzword

Majority of Publishers Will Offer a Native Ad Product by End of 2014

Since our initial research in 2012, native advertising has become much more than just a buzzword or a new name for sponsored content. Native advertising describes the act of giving value to consumers throughout the advertising experience, where real value, like time savings or relevant recommendations, is the norm and not the exception. These types of sponsored engagements benefit advertisers, publishers and end-users alike.

In August of 2013, we refreshed our industry survey, the results of which you can see below:

Solve Media - Native Advertising Research 2013

The data shows that in 2013, publishers likely to add native ad products to their offering increased 165%.

2014 looks to be the year of user experience (UX) in online advertising. As the majority (53%) of publishers increase their native offerings and the industry establishes more concrete standards, marketers will seek partners that scale.  Companies like Facebook, Solve Media, Twitter, Sharethrough and Buzzfeed are currently well-positioned to capitalize on the growth of native advertising. 

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*Survey Methodology:  Solve Media surveyed 600 media buyers, agency creatives and online publishers in the United States.

Solve Media Collaborates With comScore to Introduce Native Insights Research

Groundbreaking Initiative Creates Measurement Tool That Improves Efficiency, Effectiveness and Cost of Optimizing Digital Campaigns. 

NEW YORK (February 28, 2013) – Solve Media (, the leader in guaranteed, performance-based online branding, today announced its collaboration with comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, to launch a first-of-its-kind method to accurately measure online advertising in a native manner.  Native Insights research is collected in the flow of users experience, similar to native advertising, and allows advertisers to leverage unbiased results into actionable insights in order to optimize their digital campaigns.

An online survey conducted by Solve Media revealed that brand marketers and market research professionals are dissatisfied with the current state of digital campaign research. 40.6% of online marketers reported feeling that online surveys take too long to show results.  In addition, 60.6% of Market research professionals believe sample groups are heavily biased.  Native Insights research was developed to address these issues.

Solve Media’s Type-In network of over 6,000 publishers, across multiple verticals, creates an ideal setting for Native Insights research.  Key benefits include:

  • Survey Targeting – the ability to create and target specific audiences by brand preference and demographics.
  • Brand Lift – by presenting users with brand attribution questions on a control versus exposed basis, Native Insights natively measures awareness, perception and purchase intent targets.
  • Creative Optimization – advertisers using Native Insights can quickly determine changes in perception and sentiment on a per creative basis, and optimize messaging accordingly.
  • Publisher Specific Targeting – by limiting the audience to a specific site or group of sites, advertisers can hyper-target an audience type.

Solve Media’s Native Insights research tool leverages a unique methodology that aligns with comScore’s rigorous standards and benchmarking requirements.  In early studies, this approach has proven to be 200 times more effective at generating survey responses, and four times faster at data collection, when compared to traditional, non-native research methodologies. As a result, Solve Media now optimizes digital campaigns faster and more efficiently. In addition, by presenting research questions in the flow of a users’ experience, Solve Media eliminates the “natural born clicker” effect, which can sometimes produce user bias in online advertising research.

“We are proud to work with comScore.  Together we are changing the way agencies, marketers, and publishers measure campaign effectiveness data,” said Ari Jacoby, CEO of Solve Media. “We guarantee performance for brand campaigns, and we’re excited to turn brand data into actionable insights in order to deliver campaign success in a faster, more economical, and efficient manner.  

“We’re pleased to play a role in bringing this new application of online branding effectiveness measurement to the market,” said Bryan Goski, Director of Marketing Solutions at comScore. “By organically integrating with the flow of the user experience, ‘Native Insights’ has shown the ability to quickly deliver superior sample sizes and help advertisers evaluate campaign effectiveness almost immediately.”

Study Methodology
Solve Media surveyed 600 professional market researchers and online marketers in the United States from February 1-14, 2013.

About Solve Media
Solve Media ( was founded by veteran entrepreneurs and technologists focused on innovative Internet advertising solutions and security. The Company’s proprietary online advertising platform, the TYPE-IN™, was designed to create new and highly effective opportunities for brands to advertise online. With the platform, Solve Media guarantees brand message delivery, brand lift and return on investment for advertisers. Additionally, the security platform creates new revenue opportunities for publishers and saves time for consumers. Backed by First Round Capital, New Atlantic Ventures, AOL Ventures, Bullpen Capital and prominent angel investors, Solve Media is based in New York City and Philadelphia.  

About comScore

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) is a global leader in digital measurement and analytics, delivering insights on the web, mobile and TV consumer behavior that enable clients to maximize the value of their digital investments. For more information, please visit