INFOGRAPHIC: No Tricks, All Treats - Halloween 2014

Halloween is fast approaching! We surveyed our network to find out everything advertisers need to know about the holiday. According to NRF, total spending is expected to reach $7.4 billion this year. Memorable ads play an important role, with 26% of moms choosing one brand of candy over another after seeing one.

INFOGRAPHIC: What Advertisers Need to Know About Back to School

Back to school season is upon us! Here is what advertisers need to know about consumer buying habits. With spending estimated to reach $75 billion this year, 71% of agency media buyers are prioritizing keeping their clients’ ads free of bot traffic.

INFOGRAPHIC: Q2 2013 Bot Traffic Advisory

Solve Media issued its latest Bot Traffic Advisory update today.  The data revealed suspicious activity increased for both web and mobile advertising - from 43% to 46% for web advertising and from 29% to 35% for mobile advertising.  For the second quarter, bot traffic patterns remained consistent in a range of 24% to 29% for web advertising and 11% to 14% for mobile advertising.  

INFOGRAPHIC: Native Advertising in Context | Solve Media