Rapid Shift of Automotive Advertising Dollars to Digital Increases Demand for Zero-Waste Advertising Investments

Solve Media study shows bots make up 22% of traffic on automotive sites

New York City – June 19, 2014 – Solve Media today released the results of its Quarterly Bot Traffic Market Advisory. While global threats continued to grow in Q1 2014, an in-depth look at automotive-related sites uncovered that 36% of traffic on these sites acted suspiciously, with 22% of the traffic confirmed as bot. Mobile traffic to automotive sites showed signs of fraud as well, with 13% acting suspiciously and 6% confirmed as bots. As automotive advertising buyers shift their attention to digital channels, they have the opportunity to lead the industry by actively pursuing Secure Media opportunities where audience humanity can be verified.

Q1 Auto Bot Traffic

“The bot traffic plague is a major challenge in the automotive industry, but we are proactively addressing the issue in all of our digital marketing efforts,” said Keith Morris, SVP, Team Detroit. “We are seeing significant success with engagement and performance-based media like Solve Media that eliminate the noise and waste of non-viewable ads and bot fraud.”

Consumer buying habits are changing as car buyers turn to mobile devices and online sources to research potential purchases. Data released from Google in early 2013 indicated that 80% of car buyers spend an average of 18 hours online researching models and prices before purchasing. A study by Placed revealed that 71% of consumers use a smartphone during the car buying process, including 63% who use their smartphones while at a dealership.

In response to this shift in consumer buying behavior, the automotive industry is moving more of its advertising budget to digital. According to eMarketer, the automotive industry is projected to be second only to retail in digital ad spending by 2015, putting it in a position of power to mobilize the advertising industry against bot fraud.

“The bot problem is not going to improve unless the companies with clout use it to demand an engaged human audience. Bigger budgets mean more power and influence, which puts automotive advertisers in the proverbial driver’s seat to demand accountability in our industry,” said Ari Jacoby, CEO and Co-Founder, Solve Media. “If they refuse to settle for anything less than zero-waste ad spend investments, the industry will have no choice but to meet the demand. With the push for Secure Media from the biggest investors in digital advertising, providers on the sell-side must be prepared with effective solutions like performance-based media that guarantee cognition.”

Solve Media’s publisher platform includes thousands of automotive sites. It has reported on bot data for the past two years based on insights from the 10,000 publishers in its network across display, video and mobile.

For more information on bots and their classifications, view the infographic here.

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