To All Humans,


Four months ago, the marketing team at Solve Media pulled together a crew of top-notch engineering & creative talent.  They met with a single goal: to create an amazing Rube Goldberg holiday video that represents Solve Media.

Matt MacMillan, University of Pennsylvania Engineering Alumnus, headed construction on the machine while Machele Nettles, founder of MacNet Design, took on creative direction.   “We wanted to visually represent the Solve Media brand while creating high-quality content,” said Jonathan Kriner, Marketing Manager at Solve Media. “A Rube Goldberg machine is perfect since it’s so engaging - the crux of Solve Media products.”

What resulted were months of planning, building, and shooting the Rube Goldberg in a studio space in North Philadelphia.  “We took full advantage of the space, creating machines that hung from the ceiling, elevated off the floor, and sat on the ground,” Matt described. “Adding height variation to the 800+ square feet helped make the devices more dynamic and allowed contraptions to cross the room unimpeded.”  This is especially true with the rocket-propelled toy airplane zipping across the room! 

Solve Media holiday video in progress

ABOVE:  The Solve Media space in progress

The Solve Media holiday video, called “To All Humans, Happy Holidays,” took over 900 total hours from a team of 13.   You can see a behind-the-scenes walk through before the shoot here.

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